Providing Solutions to the Vacuum Processing,Optical/Thin Film, Leak Detection, and Plastic Welding/Joining Industries

AOTA VAC, LLC is a Manufacturer’s Representative organization with more than 32 years of experience in the:

  • Vacuum Processing and Vacuum Instrumentation

  • Thin Film Coating/Optical Coating

  • Leak Detection

  • Gas Analysis

  • Electron Beam Deposition

  • PVD Deposition: thermal, electron beam, sputter

  • Plastic Welding/Joining industries.

Our goal is to work with you to develop new techniques, optimize existing processes through implementation for a cost effective, appropriate solution to your manufacturing needs.

Through our experience, we also possess an awareness and relationship with other vendors which may offer better solutions to your needs.

We will happily refer you to others if we cannot meet your needs. We want to be viewed as a resource, not a bunch of ‘order takers.’