Providing Solutions to the Vacuum Processing, Optical/Thin Film, Leak Detection, and Plastic Welding/Joining Industries

Products and Solutions Offered

  • Vacuum Gauges: full line of passive and active vacuum gauges to measure from ATM pressure down to 10E-11 Torr, FieldBus available:  DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherCat; High Precision Vacuum Gauges for exact process monitoring or for calibration lab purposes.

  • Thin Film Deposition Controllers and Monitors including single, dual, 6 Crystal, and 12 Crystal sensors and full line of various 6MHz/5MHz crystals.

  • Residual Gas Analysis Equipment for HV/UHV application, high pressure and ATM sampling applications, and Integrated Process Control Gas Analysis systems integrated into the Semiconductor tool, Vacuum Furnace (EB, VIM, VAR, PAM), Metallizer Operating System.

  • Leak Detection: Both Vacuum (Inboard) and Sniffer (Outboard) leak detectors using tracer gas of He, H2, or other. Portable and Explosion Proof Leak Detectors are available.

Products and Solutions Offered

  • Leak Test Instrumentation and In-Process Monitoring: Broadest range of Leak and Flow Testing.

  • Tracer Gas Leak Detection and Helium Reclaim Systems.

  • Turnkey Testing Systems: Complex Testing Simplified

  • Unequaled Sealing Solutions

Products and Solutions Offered

  • Tetrode type and Solid State Electron Beam Power Supplies: from 3kW up to 30kW

  • Single and Multi Crucible Electron Beam Sources, plus all UHV Vacuum and Power Feedthroughs

  • Source and Substrate Shutters

  • Digital Sweep Controllers

  • Crucible Index Controllers

  • Precision In-situ Optical monitors for both Transmission and Reflection

  • Ion Beam Sources

  • FerroFluidic Rotary Feedthroughs: Solid and Hollow Shaft designs

  • Cyrogenically Cooled Meissner Water Vapor CryoTraps

We are the PVD (physical vapor deposition), CVD (chemical vapor deposition) experts, and everyone at Angstrom Engineering is driven by one thing: creating the machine that you need, and making it easy for you.

Premier US Manufacturer of Stainless Steel and Aluminum

  • High Vacuum Gate Valves

  • Ultra High Vacuum Gate Valves

  • Vacuum Valves

  • Throttling Valves

  • Slit/Substrate Transfer Valves

  • Flanges/Hardware Kits

Improving Plastic Products and Solutions for Joining/Welding Plastic for Production Requirements

  • InfraStake IR

  • InfraWeld IR

  • Hot Plate Welding and Compact Hot Plate Welding

  • Spin Welders

  • Vibration and Hybrid Vibration Welders

  • Full Application and Process Development Center to Improve YOUR Plastics